Huney (Large Grants)


Approximately one-third of an Auction & Rummage Sale net proceeds are allocated to the Rotary Club’s Huney (Large Grants) Committee. Funds can accumulate from year to year, as the Committee searches for projects that will have a significant impact on the Bainbridge Island community. Thus, the Club’s contribution to a community project could range from less than $100,000, to much more. In some cases, we team with other organizations to help fund and/or complete a project.

Prospective Applicants

A prospective applicant should initially read the grant guidelines section to evaluate whether the project in question meets criteria for approval and for guidance as to how to proceed. If so, the letter of intent should be completed and forwarded to

Letter of Intent (LOI)’s submitted before the two submission dates (September and February) will be considered in the subsequent time frame (6 months approximately). As a rule, it is better for the applicant to involve Rotary early in a project as we feel we can be more effective in the initial stages. If the letter of intent and the project are deemed to be suitable for a possible grant, the applicant will be invited to formally apply through an application form. The Huney (Large Grants) Committee will then evaluate the application and request further information where appropriate.

Grant Guidelines

Letter of Intent

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