Scholarship History

Scholarships have been awarded since 1957

ImageBainbridge Island Rotary awarded its first scholarship in 1957 (for $250) to islander Frank Kitamoto.  Since then, hundreds of additional island high school graduates have received financial assistance to colleges, universities and vocational schools, worldwide.  These scholarships have traditionally been funded from our annual Rotary Auction income; individual awards have ranged from that first $250 to, more recently, as much as $7,000.

In 2004, Rotarians decided to expand the availability of scholarships by creating an independent 501(c)3 fund (the Scholarship Foundation) to accept tax deductible donations from the community.  As public donations build the fund’s principal, the number and size of scholarships available will likewise increase.

Rotary Scholarships have gone to:

2016 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Madison Scott
Ryan Cox
Elizabeth Fawley
Aila Ikuse
Nathan Marx
Amy Willerford
Mitch Hobbs
Abigail Leung
Amanda Seifert
Sophie Carson

2016 Professional / Technical Scholarship Recipients:

Logan Purdy
Gregg Millikan

2015 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Spickard, Emma
Matthews, Kate
Black-Brown, Taliesin
Perry, Ricky
Butler, Maxsena
Covert, Emma
D’Amato, Carly
Myrick, Hannah
Dresel, Nicholas
LaRoche, Ben
Coffyn, Kelly
Maine, Trevor

2014 Conmmunity Service Scholarship Recipients:

Christy Carly
Ben Freedman
Rachael Gallagher
Sallie Marx
Henry Milander
Ronnie Nigash
Rachael Schweizer
Hannah Williams

2014 Professional / Technical Scholarship Recipients:

Graham Gawlik
Danielle Schiach

2013 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Sarah Berschinski
Ali Blake
Grace Burgin
Tyler Cox
Chiara D’Angelo
Rebecca Gallivan
Jenny Han
Erin Jones
Maggie Murphy

2013 Professional / Technical Scholarship Recipients:

Aubrey Kollodge
Arie Thompson

2012 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Emily Applewhite
Sydney Barnes-Grant
Kendall Beckett
Nicolas Lucioni
Isabelle Minasian
Cali Moore
Kristen Siefert|
Nicole VanderMeer
Sabrina Weschler
Kristi Worley

2012 Professional / Technical Scholarship Recipients:

Nora Harrington
Carolyn Milander
Heather Wolf

2011 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Lauren Abrams
Isabel Brofsky
Graham Frost
Taylor Gawlik
Davis Harrison
Collin Lea
Grace Porter
Rion Ramirez
Kendall Sanson
Kathryn Yearous

2011 Vocational/Technical Scholarship Recipient:

Payton Snook

2010 Community Service Scholarship Recipients

Katy Curran
Chandler Harrison
Isabelle Hoonan
Michael Kilbane
Camille Moore
AJ Peters
Tucker Rogers
Rebecca Sharer
Kailey Strachan

2009 Community Service Scholarship Recipients

Nathan Abrams
Cali Caughie
Michael Furman
Laetitia Lehmen-Pearsall
Richard Murphy
Ross Olason
Haley Smith
Cara Thompson
Karis Tsolomitis
Lena Weber
Abigail Wyatt

2008 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Spencer Coplan
Shannon Cosgrove
Natasha Hjerrild
Electra Magnuson
Jillian O’Mara
Maggie Pool
Wesley Saunders
Brooke Shorett
Edwin Williams

2007 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Charles Fick
Carl Herman
Marijke Schwarts-Smith
Emma White
Luke Jensen
Andrew Powers
Sheri Yin
Kristen Coffin
Devin Groman
Claire Hosterman

2006 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Madison Adams
Brandon Bileu
Joel Bombardier
Patricia Clevenger
Sydney Dale
Cynthia Foley
Rose Mackey
Adrian Mason
Dorothea Reinert
Jessica Williams-Hall

2005 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Marc Anderson
Nicole Hanberg
Roarke Kamber
Ben Packard
Amy Wiggins

2004 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Lindsay Mumm
Danielle Orrey
Elaina Weinbach

2003 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Glorya Cho
Courtney Smith
Lydia Wright

2002 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Kathleen Berfield
Ashley Deline
Lily Grainger
CJ Griffiths
Andreas Lunde
Simon Pollack
Adam Smith
Sara Suffis

2001 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Matt Fliedler
Alyssa Jacobsen
Lindsay Newton
Sam Wesolowski

2000 Community Service Scholarship Recipients:

Steven Hardin
A. Swanson