Owen’s Playground at Rotary Field Complex Reaches Fundraising Goal

Owen’s Playground reaches fund raising goal.

Part of the ‘new’ Rotary Field Complex


The Owen’s Playground project announced recently that it had reached its Phase 2 fund raising goal of $350, 000.

Owen passed away at age six, in October of 2013, from complications associated with cerebral palsy. Friends, family and the community gave generously to his memorial fund which, along with private family funds, was donated as the seed money for the Owen’s Playground project. The Playground was always designed to be an “inclusive ” space; an inclusive playground is one “where we learn how to embrace, enrich and celebrate ourselves and each other, ALL of us, through the rich experience of play.”

Owen’s Playground was given a home in February 2014, 13,000 square feet at Rotary Park on Bainbridge Island, by unanimous approval of the Bainbridge Island Park and Recreation Board. The name, “Owen’s Playground at Rotary Park,” was also unanimously approved by the Parks Board on March 6th, 2014.

The Club allocated $47,000 last year to this project; an amount that brought the total amount of money the Club, through the Huney Committee, has committed to Rotary Park to $250,000! As Tom Rees, the lead Club person on the project said,

“I am excited to see what Rotary Park is going to look like by the end of this summer.  Wonderful landscaping, two new ball fields, new bathroom/concession/meeting room, and Owen’s Playground is the wonderful serendipity serving as the cherry on top.”